Social and environmental responsibility

Find and understand partners and suppliers

A business is no better than the weakest link. It is important to control the full supply chain to identify risks, opportunities and priorities

If you are looking for a partnership, a job or just a better supplier for your next trip, we can help you analyze companies and identify the best options. You get objective reports and lists of recommendations,

We don’t solely present data, we explain what it means for you.

We’re building the world’s largest database of tourism companies and suppliers. We have started in the nordics but the database are continuously expanding. Ask for access.

We help you identify the best businesses and we provide unbiased and objective reports and lists. 

As a business owner you can use the platform as a tool for building trust. Claim your company, be transparent and collect feedback.

Use this feedback to understand your impact and identify possibilities. 


Take action on your economical and environmental footprint throughout your supply chain. Develop and fine-tune your processes and metrics along with your strategy and set up an impact management system.

What are your positive and negative impacts? We have created a new and unique 360 impact framework measuring this footprint. Track data, document the impact, visualize and share with the world. 


Supplier research

Find the best options
$ 250
  • Identification
  • Analysis
  • Report

Supply chain analysis

Overview, risk, priorities
$ 1250
  • Mapping and overview
  • Analyze of risk & potential
  • Report with suggestions

Impact mapping

Visualization of your impact
$ 1850
  • Mapping and overview
  • Calculation and analysis
  • Visualization for sharing