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What we do

Experiences in nature become stronger when the whole person is engaged. That is why we at Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS want to make it possible for you as a guest to be an active participant on the trip. In this way, we believe you will get a stronger experience of the arctic wilderness, you will gain a greater understanding of being on a trip to Svalbard and you will learn more.

How we are responsible

The extended concept of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) is an integrated part of all our daily routines. Our internal guidelines and procedures act on a number of conditions related to sustainability, as for instance procurement & purchasing, waste management, our leave-no-trace philosophy etc.

Experiencing the pristine Svalbard-nature in a non-motorised manner is at the core of our product portfolio. We do not offer snowmobile tours "per se", but for certain of our tours motorised transportation may be included as a logistic element to carry out the activity. We dispose of only of 2 snowmobiles. We have chosen to rent snowmobiles locally if we need more as safety back-up for special needs in the field.
Guidelines for the eco-lighthouse label also sets prerequisites to make sure that we operate within an environmentally firendly framework.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions is a member of Visit Svalbard / Svalbard Tourist Board and is hereby obliged to follow a set of common guidelines to ensure safety and environmental respect for all member’s activities.

We have chosen to not claim our righful refund from Svalbard Environmental Fund for all our business related travels to the mainland of Norway. The funds are intended to initiate and stimulate projects and measures that aim to protect the Svalbard’s natural environment.

In Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS we have chosen not to develop our own sustainability strategy, however we have adopted to Visit Svalbard's Sustainable Destination label. Further, consideration of socially, economically and environmentally responsible activity is integrated into all our daily operations.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS is organized through NHO (the confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) and several employees are organized in employee organisations; an important measure in relation to ensuring that we can offer our employees correct working conditions.
We have chosen to offer employees a salary level in line with NHO standards.
Furthermore, the management has on several occasions actively encouraged employees to organise, this in order to strengthen their rights.

For Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS year-round operation is an important element in being able to offer employees permanent employment and stable and safe positions.

When taking on staff Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions give priority to occupational competency. Gender, sexual orienation, age or nationality are not amongst the criteria considered. In comparison to other local actors Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions avarage age is somewhat higher. We also have a considerable mix of nationalities within our staff.

Questions regarding suppliers' and partners' positioning when it comes to diversity and equality have not been formalised as of today. We have, however, chosen to terminate collaboration with companies that we have found not to operate in an acceptable manner.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS is a member of both Svalbard Tourist Board and Svalbard Business Association and is an active contributor with board positions and project-related involvement in both organisations.

We purchase locally and eco-labelled products are to be chosen where possible.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions have chosen to enter into an agreement on local deliveries when developing our tours, for example for transport services such as boat or snowmobile transport. We also refer to partners for supplementing products that are not in our own portfolio.
All of the company's partners are members of Svalbard Tourist Board and oblige through membership to follow common environmental and safety guidelines.

Our certifications

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS are eco-lighthouse labelled.

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Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS

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