Review a business

Your feedback matters

If you have experienced, watched or know something about a business, just search for the company and leave an honest review. 

The review can be about greenwashing, discrimination, bad treatment, working conditions or other. Maybe the company don’t pay money they owe you? You can also leave an anonymous review. For an employee, customer or stakeholder it might be easier to be completely honest without the fear of getting in trouble.

In cases where laws are broken by the company we recommend that you give a report to the governments. As example on greenwashing that is violating marketing laws. In Norway greenwashing must get reported to forbrukertilsynet.

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Review guidelines. 
  • The review has to be directed on the company. Addressing private persons are not ok, and will not be published. 
  • Be polite and respectful, get your message out in a decent language.
  • The review topic should be of matters that is important for people before choosing to co-operate with this company as a partner, employee or visitor.
  • The review is anonymous, but will not be published unless you have confirmed your e-mail adress.