Tripple Impact Manager

Why work with us?

We believe working with social and environmentally responsibility should be fun and easy. Our tool help you build a more sustainable company in small steps. Every time you open the tool you take steps, every step you take is documented. 

The tool let you set goals, tasks and enable one click reporting to stakeholders, governments and other.

A modern responsible tourism company need a professional dedicated sustainability team, but only a few can dedicate own staff for this.

Giving employees extra responsibility on top of all their other work tasks is an expensive and inefficient way of working, It often means sustainability is not prioritized in these organisations.

We transfer our knowledge to you in the form of a unique framework,  practical tasks, goals and milestones and establishing your company’s unique system.

Your concept is amazing and 
  • You want to become a guiding star showing the way for others
  • take care of the planet while building a solid business
  • create value and pride in the local community
Your employees are happy and
  • you want to create the world’s best workplace that the employees are proud to represent
  • integrate sustainability and social responsibility into the organisation’s DNA and culture
  • attract talented people
You are good in some areas and
  • want to work with social and environmental responsibility from a holistic perspective
  • want to be professional and get a proper system for sustainability work
  • want a sustainable strategy that takes the company into the future

Take control with our help

After studying, analyzing and listening carefully to skilled companies and their needs, we have created a flexible, innovative and cost-effective way of organizing sustainability work. 

For a fixed monthly price, we provide overview, measures and increased knowledge. Not just a boss, but a professional team from day 1. Our Tripple Method – a 360 degree framework for sustainability takes your company into the future with simple and clear steps.

We guarantee a high level of competence in all stages. You gain control, progress and can both document and communicate your efforts in a safe manner in accordance with customer expectations and legislation.

A chat with us might pay off for your company, and for the planet.

TheTripple Method

Everywhere in business there are systems that simplify. Sustainability has outdated, expensive and complicated systems. Why isn’t there software that makes it easy to work with sustainability for companies?

Sustainability is about many things that must work together. There is no one-size fits all solution that works for everyone. That’s why we break it down into bite-sized pieces. 

Think of a box of Legos. On the outside of the box is a picture of what it will look like. Inside the box is full of small pieces. In the box there is also a small note with step by step instructions. If you follow the steps, the figure will look like the picture quite quickly.

The parameters is based on science, practical application and feedback from companies like yours. The parameters are compliant to certifications, laws and regulations and the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Organisational culture, working conditions, ethical and inclusive labour, employee learning adaption and engagement

Business viability and operations, sustainable ethical procurement, purchasing, supply chain, sustainability management system, resillience and future proofing, customer experience and product optimization

Accurate promotion, compliance and reporting, business transparency, branding and rolemodeling


Social impact and integrity, prosperity, local jobs and partnerships, purchasing and entrepreneurship, accessibility and equality, volume and balance

Cultural heritage protection and presentation, cultural exchange and interactions, land, water and property rights, information and interpretation

Destination engagement, community support, balance, volume and local livelihood, local engagement, explotation


Climate action, nature protection, wildlife, consumption, waste, pollution

Transportation, uildings and materials, circularity, infrastructure, guest origin, waste management

Systems, purchasing, visits to natural sites, visits to cultural sites, animal welfare and interaction


Good for small companies
$ 500 Monthly
  • Mentorship
  • Plan with goals and tasks​
  • Templates and tools
  • Monthly follow up


Taking the next step
$ 1400 Monthly
  • Leadership
  • Plan with goals and tasks​
  • Templates and tools
  • Weekly follow up
  • Annual sustainability report

Sustainability leader

Building company culture
$ 2000 Monthly
  • Leadership
  • Plan with goals and tasks
  • Templates and tools
  • Weekly follow up
  • Annual sustainability report
  • Supply chain visualization
  • Individual mentorship