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Find, investigate and review travel businesses. Are you looking for a partnership, job or just a better provider for your next trip? 

Business owners can use the site as a tool for building trust. Claim your company, be transparent and collect feedback.

Use the feedback to understand your impact and identify possibilities. Take action on your economical and environmental footprint throughout your supply chain. Develop and fine-tune your processes and metrics along with your strategy 

We do: consulting, workshops and trainings to help you identify what really matters in tracking and communicating your impact. We also provide lectures and speaking assignments.

The footprint method

Develop your impact metrics and set up an impact management system

What are your positive and negative impacts? We have created a new and unique method of measuring this footprint. Track data, document the impact, visualize and share with the world.

Measure your impact on company, destination and planet level.

In short: You get a report, a visualization and a to-do-list.