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Transparency Database – Identify suppliers and give feedback on things that matters

Tripple Impact Manager –  Build a more responsible company in small lego-like steps

TheTripple Method

Everywhere in business there are systems that simplify. Sustainability has outdated, expensive and complicated systems. Why isn’t there software that makes it easy to work with sustainability for companies?

Sustainability is about many things that must work together. There is no one-size fits all solution that works for everyone. That’s why we break it down into bite-sized pieces. 

Think of a box of Legos. On the outside of the box is a picture of what it will look like. Inside the box is full of small pieces. In the box there is also a small note with step by step instructions. If you follow the steps, the figure will look like the picture quite quickly.

The parameters is based on science, practical application and feedback from companies like yours. The parameters are compliant to certifications, laws and regulations and the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Organisational culture, working conditions, ethical and inclusive labour, employee learning adaption and engagement

Business viability and operations, sustainable ethical procurement, purchasing, supply chain, sustainability management system, resillience and future proofing, customer experience and product optimization

Accurate promotion, compliance and reporting, business transparency, branding and rolemodeling


Social impact and integrity, prosperity, local jobs and partnerships, purchasing and entrepreneurship, accessibility and equality, volume and balance

Cultural heritage protection and presentation, cultural exchange and interactions, land, water and property rights, information and interpretation

Destination engagement, community support, balance, volume and local livelihood, local engagement, explotation


Climate action, nature protection, wildlife, consumption, waste, pollution

Transportation, uildings and materials, circularity, infrastructure, guest origin, waste management

Systems, purchasing, visits to natural sites, visits to cultural sites, animal welfare and interaction

Follow the money

Can we achieve responsible tourism without first solving the problems of financial leakage? 
Together with carbon, this is tourism’s biggest challenge today, because the money from travelers does not go to the destination they visit. Should we still accept a model where middlemen get rich while local communities suffer the wear and tear? Who is this model really sustainable for? 
The research on the topic points to two key points to minimizing the leaks:
  1. Transparency and access to information leads to better choices and increased commitment among travelers
  2. That one must create links with local actors in the local community that is visited.

Let’s create a transparent industry, together

Sustainability, is a process not a specific measurable goal with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Let’s instead acknowledge that no one is perfect. We need a culture where honesty are valued and doing the best you can is all right. Millions of small steps in right direction is better than a few doing everything right. Sustainability is usually evaluated by experts from third-party certifications and brands. It is considered too complicated for ordinary people to assess it.

We believe that this is too important and complicated for only “experts” to be able to assess sustainability. What happens if we facilitate so that guests, employees and partners all can get involved, evaluate and observe? In order to get a dynamic, comprehensive and effective assessment, we need the eyes and ears of ordinary people, and not least their smartphones, networks and recommendations.Imagine if we could use the millions of travelers and people in the industry to observe and document climate change, the destruction of nature and violations of human rights.  

Tourism already contributes to a more open world, so why not put it into a system? People will continue to travel, let’s make them a force for good.

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